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How to install APISIX only?#

The Charts will install ETCD 3.4.14 by default. If you want to install Apache APISIX only, please set etcd.enabled=false and set{http://your_etcd_address:2379}.

Please use the FQDN or the IP address of the ETCD cluster.

# if etcd export by kubernetes service need spell fully qualified name
helm install apisix apisix/apisix \
--set etcd.enabled=false \

How to install Apache APISIX running in standalone mode?#

helm install apisix apisix/apisix --set apisix.deployment.mode=standalone --set etcd.enabled=false --set apisix.deployment.role=data_plane

Why get 403 when I access Apache APISIX admin api?#

We can define admin.allow.ipList in CIDR.

helm install apisix apisix/apisix \
--set admin.allow.ipList="" \
--set admin.allow.ipList=""

If you want to allow all IPs for a quick test, just set admin.allow.ipList=""

helm install apisix apisix/apisix \
--set admin.allow.ipList=""

Creating resources such as ApisixRoute has no effect?#

  1. check the synchronization status of CRD
  2. Find the current version of the CRD declaration in, located in the samples/deploy/crd directory, overwrite and install them.

Note: this operation may result in loss or corruption of historical data. You should back up the relevant data in advance.